May 24, 2010

Drive-In Movies

Remembering the good old days of Drive-In movies as a child and teenager. I had a Drive-In Theater a few blocks from my house. . I liked the thrill of watching the movie from inside of your car with the windows open and smelling the night air. The only drawback were those speakers that you had to attach to your driver-side window. They weren't very clear and you hoped that you didn't pull up to a parking spot with a speaker that didn't work. Trying to find a parking spot was like finding one at a shopping center. The closer the better. Here is a little film of what it was like from most of us boomers.

The Drive-In Movie Theater Yesterday and Today.

Here is clip of the Snack Bar Ads before the movie and at intermission.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoyed these videos.

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