Jul 29, 2010

Vintage Toys - 1960s

Remember when Mr. Potato Head came with a real potato in the box? When slinky was made of metal and not plastic?
We had metal roller skates that stretched long or short to fit any shoe size and needed a key to tighten the size. Peddle firetrucks and cars that you sat in and peddled to make them move. Good workout for us kids. We had toy guns that were made to look real on purpose. Hardly any toy needed batteries. Chatty Cathy was the first talking doll in 1961. Thumbalina was the first baby doll that actually moved while you held her. Tinker Toys and Erector sets were popular. So were Tiddly Winks, Jacks and Pick-up Sticks that would pass the time.
Here is a look at some of the toys from the 1960s

This video is of the first Slinky commercial.

Take a look at the Mr. Potato Head commercial.

Here is the first Ken Doll commercial.

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