Feb 20, 2011

The Honeymooners - Jackie Gleason

The great comedy of Jackie Gleason is best memorable as Ralph Kramden of the Honeymooners. It first aired on CBS in 1955 and ended in September 1956. There was a total of 39 episodes, now called the "classic episodes". Today, the Honeymooners is still popular on syndication.

The Original Opening of the Show

Jackie Gleason wrote the original score for the Honeymooners Theme.

The Classic 39 Episodes
These episodes were chosen by Jackie Gleason to air in syndication.

Here is a clip of Norton teaching Ralph the Hucklebuck dance.

The Lost Episodes

In January 1985, Gleason announced the release of an additional group of lost episodes from his private vault.
He sold the broadcast rights of the lost episodes to Viacom, and they were first aired from 1985–1986 as a series of sixty-eight 22-minute episodes on the Showtime cable network. Most of these episodes are in 3 to 5 parts and others are 10 minutes long. Here is a very early sketch from December 7, 1951 with the first actress to play Alice Kramden, called "The Ring Seller".

Ralph and Alice Sing

Rare Duet of Ralph and Alice from one of Jackie Gleason's recordings for the Honeymooners.

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